Parts of Sentence- Subject and Predicate

Subject and predicate are two parts of sentence. Parts of sentence and parts of speech are totally different. There is no resemblance between them. We have seen what the sentence is! and types of sentence in the last chapter. In this chapter we shall see more about parts of sentence.

There are two parts of sentence-

  1. Subject and
  2. Predicate

Subject is one or more than one word and remaining part is predicate. Subject of sentence could be a noun, pronoun, phrase or a clause.

In Sentence-

  • Subject is a topic that is about what the sentence is.
  • Predicate is a description about the subject in that sentence.

Parts of Sentence- Subject and Predicate

In a sentence, a word or group of words about what the description is about is a subject and the description about subject is predicate. It means in a sentence, all the words excluding subject is predicate.

Example of parts of sentence

Now, we shall take some examples showing subject and predicate to understand better.

  • She is very happy.

In above sentence, ‘she’ is a subject about what the explanation is given and remaining part of the sentence that is ‘is very happy’ is predicate.

  • That is a snake.

In this example, ‘that’ is a subject about what is spoken in the sentence. Remaining all words excluding subject is predicate. It means, in above sentence, the predicate is-‘is a snake.’

Examples of Long Predicate in Sentence

Here are some examples having more than four words in the predicate.

Let’s have a look-

  • He and his brothers were working very hard to build their house.

In above sentence, ‘he and his brothers’ is a subject and remaining part is predicate.

  • Sixth class students and their teachers decided to go for a picnic at Kalbadevi near Mumbai.

In this sentence, ‘Sixth class students and their teachers’ is a subject and remaining part is predicate.

Now you might got better about the subject and predicate which are the parts of sentence.

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