Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronoun -Ask Questions

Interrogative Pronoun is a pronoun which is used to ask question. We get proper information by using interrogative pronoun in the sentence.

There are five main interrogative pronouns-

  • who
  • whose
  • whom
  • what
  • which

Use of Interrogative Pronoun in Sentence

When we use interrogative pronouns in sentence, we should keep in our mind that

  • The sentence in which we use interrogative pronoun is always a question.
  • When we complete the sentence, we should put down the question mark.

Sentences with Interrogative Pronouns

Here are some examples in which interrogative pronouns are used.

1) ‘Who, whose, whom’ are used for persons only; as,

We use ‘who’ to ask question when the name of person is expected.

  • Who gave you that book?
  • Who is your school’s principal?
  • Who painted the wall?
  • Who was driving the bus?

We use ‘who’ to ask when we expect the name and family; as,

  • Who are you? (This means what is your name?)
  • Who is he?
  • Who is your brother?

We use ‘whose’ to ask question when we want proper information about the things belong to.

  • Whose was that book?
  • Whose bag have you carried?
  • Whose pen did you lend?
  • Whose raincoat is this?

We use ‘whom’ to get proper information about the person.

  • Whom did you meet?
  • Whom did you give stationery?
  • Whom have you told about the mishap?
  • Whom do you share your food with?

2) ‘What’ is used for things only; as,

  • What is bitter than bitter gourd?
  • What did you tell?
  • What are you buying?
  • What is brighter than light?
  • What do you want?

3) We can use ‘what’ when the expectation of information is about the profession of a person .

  •  What is your father? (Here the occupation of father is expected; as,

My father is a writer.)

  • What is he?
  • What is your mother?

4) ‘Which’ is used for things as well as  persons.

We use ‘which’ for questioning concerned limited number; as,

  • Which of those pens is yours?
  • Which book can you give?
  • Which colour do you like?
  • Which of these girls is your sister?


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