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We know that a pronoun is a word we use instead of a noun or name of anything. We always use pronouns to avoid the repetition of names in daily life.

Here is a list of those 23 pronouns that we use daily.

Let’s have a look-

  1. I 
  2.     We  
  3.           You  
  4.                  He
  5.            She  
  6.        It  
  7.  They  
  8.       My  
  9.           Me 
  10.                 Mine  
  11.            Your
  12.      Us
  13. Our 
  14.      His 
  15.           Him
  16.                  Her 
  17.             Its 
  18.      Them  
  19. Their
  20.      This
  21.           That 
  22.                These  
  23.      Those

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