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In Grammar, 'person' is a way of referring to someone.

Person' is a category to identify a person speaking, a person to whom a speaker is talking, and those about who are speaking.

There are three persons in Grammar.

Those are-

  1. First person
  2. Second person
  3. Third person

In Grammar, the personal pronouns are- I, we, you, he, she, it, and they. 

  • When one person is mentioned is called the singular number.
  • When more than one person is mentioned is called the plural number.

The first person

We use this category from the point of view of the speaker. 

It's singular- I, and plural- we.

The second person

We use this category for those to whom are spoken.

It's singular- you, and plural also- you.

The Third person

We use this category for everyone else except the first and second person.

It's singular-he, she, it, any other person, they, and any other persons.

  • To know about persons is very important before knowing the tense.

Let's see the numbers of persons in tabular form.

Have a look

Singular Number
Plural Number
First person
Second person
Third person
, She
, It

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