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  1. As black as coal
  2. As blind as a mole
  3. As brave as a lion
  4. As bright as day
  5. As brittle as glass
  6. As brown as a berry (tanned)
  7. As busy as an ant
  8. As calm as a millpond (very calm)
  9. As clear as crystal (transparent)
  10. As cold as ice
  11. As cunning as a fox
  12. As dark as midnight
  13. As deaf as a stone (completely deaf)
  14. As deep as a well
  15. As fast as a hare
  16. As fat as a pig
  17. As firm as a rock
  18. As flat as a board(completely flat)
  19. As free as the air
  20. As fresh as a rose(fresh and healthy)
  21. As good as gold
  22. As gentle as a lamb (very gentle)
  23. As greedy as a wolf
  24. As green as grass
  25. As heavy as lead
  26. As high as a kite (very drunk/excited)
  27. As hot as fire
  28. As light as a feather (very light)
  29. As loud as thunder
  30. As playful as a kitten (mischievous)

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