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The pronoun ‘that’ is used to say something about the far and singular noun.

Formation of a sentence

The construction of this sentence is as follows:

  • That + is + other words + full stop (.)


Let’s see how to use ‘that in sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

Pointing to the object far from us, we can say:

  1. That is a notebook.
  2. That is a car.
  3. That is a table.
  4. That is fair.
  5. She observed that place carefully.
  6. That is an expensive painting.
  7. That is a bright colour.
  8. That is mine.
  9. That is yours.
  10. That was used before.
  11. That is a charitable trust.
  12. That glass is occupied by the air.
  13. That painting is hung on a wall.
  14. That is a precious stone.
  15. That is your pen.
  16. That is my teacher’s bag.
  17. That is my favourite place.
  18. That is charcoal.
  19. That is very easy.
  20. That is a topic of science.
  21. That is a new chapter.
  22. That is a better option.
  23. That is a blue carpet.
  24. That flower is for my friend.
  25. That house is very spacious.
  26. That is a long route.
  27. That is a water painting.
  28. That mountain is steep.
  29. That is a brave boy.
  30. That is a sudden reaction.

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