Food and Eating: 50 Best Questions to Ask in Conversation

  1. What healthy food do you not like?
  2. Do you prefer unhealthy food, though it affects your body?
  3. How many times is seafood prepared at your home?
  4. What states of India food do you like the most?
  5. Do you take any nutritional supplements? Which ones?
  6. Do you enjoy seafood?
  7. What is your country’s staple food?
  8. What’s your favourite fast food?
  9.  Are you on a diet?
  10. Do you like the fast food sold at a railway station?
  11. When you buy food, do you check the expiry date?
  12. What information do you find on the labels of food cans?
  13. Do you cook non-vegetarian food?
  14. What ingredients are put in the chicken biryani?
  15. Which diet plan do you follow?
  16. What are some typical foods you like the most from your country?
  17. Do you follow the keto diet?
  18. What do you usually prefer to have for breakfast?
  19. What is a “balanced diet”? Can everybody have a balanced diet?
  20. What kinds of food can you cook?
  21. How to take a balanced diet? Is there any timetable?
  22. What is your favourite vegetarian food?
  23. Do you eat rice every day?
  24. How much salt do you consume?
  25. Do you have a sweet dish in every meal?
  26. Do you eat preservative-added food?
  27. How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?
  28. Do you like to try new food available at travel places?
  29. How many times do you eat a day?
  30. Did you drink coffee in the morning?
  31. Are you allergic to any food? How do you feel if you eat it?
  32. What did you eat for lunch in the office yesterday?
  33. Do you take any fast food during the two meals?
  34. What is your favourite meat?
  35. Do you like to eat fish? Which fish do you prefer to eat?
  36. In which restaurant do you go?
  37. What is your favourite drink, tea or coffee?
  38. Which is your favourite food restaurant?
  39. How often a week do you eat in restaurants?
  40. Do you like pizza?
  41. Do you like to eat fried food?
  42. What is the most expensive meal you have ever eaten?
  43. Do you prefer to go to an expensive restaurant?
  44. How many meals do you have every day?
  45. Is there any cheat day in your diet plan?
  46. What do you think? Does alcohol affect our bodies?
  47. At what time do you usually have dinner?
  48. Is a vegetarian diet healthy?
  49. What do you usually order when you go to a restaurant?
  50. Which is the most expensive restaurant in Mumbai where you have taken a meal?

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