61 Questions about Technology

We know this is the technology age. We are very much dependent on technology. We go to a search engine and start searching for any information we need to know. We use computers for many works, for example, to create documents, receipts, pictures, etc. Technology is becoming the most essential part of our life. There are so many questions we ask about technology in everyday life.

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Here are some questions to ask about technology.

  1. What is the meaning of technology?
  2. What social changes have social media made?
  3. What are the advantages of technology?
  4. What are the disadvantages of technology?
  5. Do you know some of the most significant technological achievements?
  6. Can technology destroy biodiversity?
  7. Does modern technology increase stress?
  8. What are the benefits of using computers?
  9. What are the pros and cons of using computers?
  10. What are its effects on the health of the person and the Earth?
  11. What kind of waste does the technology generate?
  12. Can we get any information we need to know on the Internet?
  13. Can the ecological design be disturbed due to technology?
  14. What are its effects on land?
  15. Do you have a laptop?
  16. What is the difference between science and technology?
  17. Do you like the use of artificial intelligence?
  18. Can technology be addictive to humans?
  19. Can it make people lazy?
  20. How do you crack technical internships?
  21. How will this technology empower people to control their lives?
  22. What is its impact on human life?
  23. How do you know if an email is spam?
  24. How does technological advancement affect our lives?
  25. What are the interview questions of IT companies?
  26. How have technological advances affected direct communication?
  27. Can technology eliminate poverty?
  28. Will robots cause unemployment in the future?
  29. How long will this technology be relevant for humans?
  30. What will be the most essential and enjoyable technology of the future?
  31. What is the technology behind social media platforms?
  32. How many search engines are there in the world?
  33. What is the future of search engines on the world web?
  34. What is lost due to the use of technology?
  35. Is overuse of technology harmful to the human race?
  36. Does it increase noise pollution?
  37. Does it emit rays that are hazardous to animal life?
  38. What technology should be developed to grow vegetables without spraying pesticides?
  39. What noise does a computer make?
  40. What is the purpose of using a computer?
  41. What is the impact of technology on everyday life?
  42. Will everybody be able to access the technology in the next two years?
  43. Does the technology enhance the quality of goods?
  44. Does technology replace human hands to work?
  45. What legalities does it require?
  46. What is the long form of CPU?
  47. Which is the best technology blog?
  48. What are the most beautiful technological images?
  49. Where can we get the images about technology?
  50. Do the parents are threatened by the use of technology in learning?
  51. What are the ways to inspire students to learn about technology?
  52. Will the technology be relevant and useful for humans forever?
  53. Will technological development allow us to see the celestial bodies clearly from the Earth?
  54. Can technology be combined with other tools to grow the learning process?
  55. Can technological development increase financial power?
  56. What is the Google algorithm?
  57. How does Google Panda work?
  58. Can technology help people think more deeply?
  59. What will the youngsters do if the mobiles don’t work?
  60. What are the blogging platforms?
  61. Will artificial intelligence be able to teach the students?

Hi, I am Madhuri Kherde, an educationist, ex-principal of a secondary school in Mumbai, and founder of EnglishLamp.com. I have been teaching English and Mathematics for the last thirty-four years. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others. So I hope you enjoy my posts on this website.