Health: 50 Best Questions to Ask in Conversation

  1. Do you worry about the health of those around you?
  2. How to be healthy?
  3. Do you have to lose weight?
  4. What do you eat to stay healthy?
  5. What to do to keep us healthy?
  6. According to you, what is healthy food?
  7. Is it necessary to become a member of a health spa?
  8. Do you read magazine articles about health?
  9. Is your daughter healthy?
  10. Do you suffer from a cold more than once a year?
  11. Is eating a lot of vegetables a remedy to stay healthy?
  12. Does alcohol affect our health?
  13. Where do you get health information?
  14. Do you know the healthiest people in the world? 
  15. How do some people stay healthy throughout their lives?
  16. Do you run a health channel?
  17. How often a week do you exercise?
  18. Do they eat vegetables every day to stay healthy?
  19. How to lose weight?
  20. How much water should be drunk a day?
  21. Does your sister suffer from migraine headaches?
  22. How do you shape up a belly?
  23. Is it necessary to go for regular medical checkups?
  24. Do you think I am overweight?
  25. What do you do to keep yourself away from diseases?
  26. Is your mother a health-conscious lady?
  27. Which product is the best to lose my belly fat?
  28. Do you always get enough sleep?
  29. What are the worst jobs for our health?
  30. Have you ever been hospitalized?
  31. Did you get burned yourself with hot water?
  32. What kind of exercise do you do to be fit?
  33. Does she smoke more than two cigarettes a day?
  34. Are you a chain smoker?
  35. Is smoking injurious to our health?
  36. Do you take any supplements after a workout?
  37. How often should we have a health check?
  38. Does a lifestyle affect our health?
  39. Are you worried about your sister’s mental health?
  40. Do you prefer to take a pre-workout supplement?
  41. How do we take care of our mental health? 
  42. Does he avoid medicine when he falls sick?
  43. What are the health risks due to the changing environment?
  44. Does she consume fruit juice instead of medicine when she is ill?
  45. Should we visit a dentist to check our teeth without any trouble?
  46. Did she have a lot of stress last year?
  47. After what age should we go for a medical checkup?
  48. Do you have an allergy to any medicine?
  49. How often do you get a temperature?
  50. What kind of lifestyle does damage our health?

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