50 Best Questions about Conversation to Ask Anyone

  1. Have you recorded a phone conversation with your boss?
  2. On what topic would you talk about?
  3. What are the topics that you don’t like to talk about?
  4. How should the students improve their conversation skills?
  5. What do you think was the problematic conversation you had in your life?
  6. Which type of work requires you to speak to many people?
  7. What would you prefer to talk about in this session?
  8. Have you spied on your wife?
  9. What kind of questions do you like to answer?
  10. Are there any best friends with whom you have conversations regularly?
  11. Do you like to talk about films?
  12. How do you feel about conversations with naughty children?
  13. What topics do you avoid when talking to a stranger?
  14. On what topics should you be alert while talking to a stranger?
  15. Do you dominate in conversation?
  16. What made it challenging to explain your issue?
  17. Do you like to give an opinion on other people’s conversations?
  18. How do you tackle conversations after you have been drunk?
  19. Do you feel embarrassed to converse with others when you drink?
  20. What do you think about people who don’t speak freely?
  21. Do you like to talk about things that others purchased?
  22. What kind of people do you want to talk to?
  23. Do you like to converse with talkative people?
  24. Who were you speaking to in the morning?
  25. Which country’s people are challenging to talk to?
  26. Do you like to speak about things that you purchased?
  27. Would you like to choose a partner who is an excellent conversationalist but less attractive?
  28. Who would you like to talk to if you could converse with any celebrity?
  29. What quality makes it easy to talk to any stranger?
  30. Who is the best conversationalist that you have ever met?
  31. What do you like to talk about?
  32. How do you know the other person whether he is generous or not?
  33. What makes you a great conversationalist?
  34. Have you had a great conversation with a foreigner?
  35. What makes a conversation great?
  36. What did you talk about to a foreigner?
  37. Where have you got the chance to converse with a foreigner?
  38. What habits should we enhance to have a good conversation?
  39. Do you feel comfortable talking on the phone rather than face to face?
  40. What are the good practices you have in conversation with a stranger?
  41. Which bad habits should we avoid in conversations?
  42. With your experience, who communicates better: men or women?
  43. What makes the ladies’ conversing style better?
  44. Do you like conversing with a person who always wants to be right?
  45. What makes the conversing type worse?
  46. Do you think that some conversations should be on the phone only?
  47. What did you change in your conversational style?
  48. Do some conversations become easier to have on the phone?
  49. Did you change your conversational style to impress others?
  50. Do you like to argue on a topic that you don’t like?

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