61 Questions about Animals and Pets

So many people keep pets. They keep cats, dogs, cattle, and so on. When we keep pets, we have some questions about the pets.

Questions about Animals and Pets

We ask questions about animals and pets in conversation.

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Here are some questions about the pets asked in a conversation.

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  1. Who takes care of your pet?
  2. Why do dogs roll in grass?
  3. Where did you get a dog from?
  4. Do you like to have a pet?
  5. How old is your pet?
  6. Is your pet too fat?
  7. What is its colour?
  8. Of which breed is it?
  9. What do you feed it?
  10. Do you play with it?
  11. Why does a dog eat grass?
  12. When should I give my dog medication for fleas?
  13. Why do dogs like squeaky toys?
  14. Should I brush my pet’s teeth?
  15. Why do dogs like being pets?
  16. How often should I bathe my pet?
  17. Why do dogs make a circle before they lie down?
  18. What is your pet’s name? What did you think about this name?
  19. Does it get what you speak?
  20. Do you consider getting a pet?
  21. Were there any pets in your home in your childhood?
  22. What are the upsides and downsides of keeping a pet?
  23. What is the best pet to possess?
  24. Which animals live in your country?
  25. Are there animal lovers where you reside?
  26. Are you scared of snakes?
  27. What is the most incredible snake you have seen?
  28. Are there any harmful snakes in your country?
  29. Are you scared of cockroaches? What do you do if you see it?
  30. Do you know endangered species of animals?
  31. Are there squirrels in your area?
  32. Does anyone own an unusual pet in your area?
  33. Do you think that we should test beauty care products on pets?
  34. Have you ever visited a zoo?
  35. What sort of meat do you eat?
  36. Are there laws about hunting an endangered species in your country?
  37. Do you like to free the captivated animals?
  38. Do you like to buy and wear leather items?
  39. Do animals dream like humans?
  40. Have you ever seen a dog helping a blind person to cross the road?
  41. Have you participated in a horse race?
  42. Have you been stung by a scorpion?
  43. Did you see an octopus with your naked eyes?
  44. Have you been bitten by a dog?
  45. How do you know the dog is trained?
  46. What do you notice about a cat when it drinks milk?
  47. Which animals are cute?
  48. Which animals are ugly?
  49. Do you like deer?
  50. Why do some people hate animals?
  51. What is your favourite animal?
  52. Do you think animals have emotions?
  53. Do you feel happy while feeding your pet?
  54. Why are pets used for medical research?
  55. Do some people be too attached to their pets?
  56. Is it right to keep wild animals in captivity?
  57. What kind of pet would you like to have in the future?
  58. What animals did you see in the zoo?
  59. Should animals be kept in a zoo?
  60. Do you ever talk to your pet?
  61. How many pets have you kept?

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