What Is a Group of Lions called? | Collective Noun for Lions

We know that a collective noun is a noun for a group. Here, we shall discuss the collective noun for a group of lions.

Lions are the strongest predators of wildlife. Male lions have a mane that makes them look impressive. They are considered the rulers of the animal kingdom.

There are 5 collective nouns for lions we can use. Let’s have a look-

5 Collective nouns for a group of lions

1. A group of lions is called a Troop of lions

So, when lions are together, we say they are in a group. The collective noun for a group of lions is called a troop. There is always one lion that leads, whether they are wandering or hunting.


  • A troop of lions was roaming around the trees.
  • A troop of lions seems scary, so I don’t go on safari.

2. A group of lions is called a Pride of lions

Lions are always together with their families. We can use the term pride and refer to them as the pride of lions when there are female lions, especially with both sexes’ cubs. The male lion, the cubs’ father, guards the pride. A pride consists of around 10 to 15 lions. There are some adult males and females with their cubs. The maximum number of members in the pride can be 35.

When young males mature, they leave pride, and females stay in pride permanently. The other male lion fights with the adult male lion to defeat him. The stronger male lion defeats others and becomes a part of the pride.

“A group of lions is collectively called a pride because of their stately quality.”

Lions are at the top of the food chain, and therefore, they are considered royals.


  • we saw the pride of the lions sitting on the road.
  • Have you seen the pride of lions in the zoo that forest officers rescued recently?

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3. A group of lions is called a Coalition of lions

When male lions are in the group, that group is called a coalition of lions. A coalition of male lions watches the pride. These male lions are those who left their maternal pride after growing up. Usually, the brothers are in a coalition, and later on, each brother will have their pride. The coalition of brother lions patrols the territory that lives all of their pride. Another coalition kills all the cubs of the brother lion coalition and defeats the coalition, and the lionesses become part of the new coalition of brother lions. Coalitions fight with each other for pride.


  • They saw the coalition of lions Riverside.
  • The coalition of lions goes hunting together to get their prey.
  • The coalition of lionesses was sitting calmly under the tree.

The Collective Noun for a Group of Lions

4. A group of lions is called a Sowse of lions

Another collective noun for the lions is Sowse. We can use Sowse for the group of lions that coexist.


  • Scientists have been studying the sowse of lions for a long time.
  • Sowse of lions looked beautiful.

5. A group of lions is called a Sault of lions

Lions rest on tree branches, and when they come down, they seem graceful. The meaning of sault is an action of leaping down. Therefore, lions coexisting with one another are called a sault of lions.


  • We saw a large sault of lions while travelling through the jungle.


Collective nouns for groups of lions are-

  1. Troop
  2. Pride
  3. Coalition
  4. Sowse
  5. Sault

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the collective noun of cubs of Lion?

Cubs live with their mother, and the collective noun of lions is pride.

2. What are 2 lions called?

We have seen above that lions live with their family, known as pride. A pride may comprise 2 to 40 lions, including up to two, three, or four males, many females, and their young ones.

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