Brain: 50 Best Questions to Ask in Conversation

  1. How does our brain function?
  2. Do all people are born with the same brain?
  3. How many parts of your brain do you use?
  4. How do you take care of your brain?
  5. What is the brain made of?
  6. What diseases affect brain functions?
  7. What is the structure of the human brain?
  8. What are the criteria for transplanting the brain?
  9. How does music work on our brain?
  10. What exercise do you do to function your brain the best?
  11. Is there any Yoga exercise for the brain?
  12. What functions does the brain perform?
  13. Is the brain an essential part of our body to think?
  14. What is the importance of the brain in our body?
  15. Does the brain control our body?
  16. What would you say about your brain?
  17. Does someone call you a bullbrain?
  18. What does bull brain mean?
  19. Do you think that the brain is an essential part of our body?
  20. What is meant by brain dead?
  21. Does the brain have an ability to be shaped by the environment?
  22. What happens if the brain doesn’t function?
  23. How many brains do we have?
  24. What do neuroscientists do to know more about the brain?
  25. Can you explain what is the left brain and right brain?
  26. What do neuroscientists want to know about the brain?
  27. Can a brain be transplanted?
  28. What happens with the brain when a person is in a coma?
  29. Is there any difference between male and female brains?
  30. What does the term’ brainstorming’ mean?
  31. Does a person behave differently after a brain transplant?
  32. What is brain drain?
  33. Is our brain more active in sleep?
  34. Is there any benefit of brain drain to your country?
  35. Does a person get a new personality after a brain transplant?
  36. How does the environment influence our brain?
  37. What does our brain do while we sleep?
  38. Does plasticity allow us to learn things?
  39. How many functions does the brain perform?
  40. Is the brain’s plasticity in humans greater than in other animals?
  41. What is the age when the brain experiences significant bursts of new growth?
  42. When does the brain experience significant bursts of new growth?
  43. Do negative factors affect the brain?
  44. How many types of neurons are there in the brain?
  45. Does physical exercise influence the brain?
  46. Does most brain development occur before birth?
  47. What are the factors that influence the growth of our brain?
  48. Did humans become more intelligent due to brain evolution?
  49. Do you think that there is an evolution in the human brain?
  50. If you had a brain transplant, would you think differently as a new personality?

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