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We can use does to show the certainty of the description.

We use ‘does’ with a subject of a third-person singular number.

Construction of a sentence

The structure of this sentence is as follows:

  • Subject (he/she/it/any third person, singular number) + does + base form of main verb + other words + full stop (.)

Examples with ‘does’ to show certainty:

Let’s see how to use ‘does’ in the sentences to show certainty with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. She does go to her home town every year.
  2. He does come with his wife.
  3. Chetan does agree to pay workers their proper remuneration.
  4. It does play on the ground.
  5. She does like pizza.
  6. That girl does dance on stage.
  7. She does write about natural calamities.
  8. Kartik does design tattoos.
  9. Saumya does read a book in a library.
  10. He does wash plates before use.
  11. She does accept that she was wrong.
  12. Goli does join us for some time.
  13. He does recite the words from lessons.
  14. She does remember that incident.
  15. Prachi does speak on this topic with her mother.
  16. She does use ‘does’ to emphasize the action in a sentence.
  17. The player does play with dedication.
  18. She does think cautiously about her visits.
  19. It does rest under a tree.
  20. He does quarrel with his elder sister.
  21. The teacher does teach to solve examples in mathematics.
  22. She does respect him.
  23. He does like my recipes.
  24. She does perform a one-act play on stage.
  25. Sameer does ask questions about designing a building.
  26. Parth does send me a message.
  27. She does follow her on Facebook.
  28. He does sing songs at the annual function of the school.
  29. She does change the book cover frequently.
  30. Anjali does close windows at night.

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