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This lesson will teach us how to use ‘are’ to describe a profession.

The formation of this sentence is the same as the sentences in the lesson ‘use of are to tell about the state of being’.

Formation of a Sentence With Are

These sentences’ formation is similar to those discussed in the lesson: Use of are to tell about the present state.

So the formation of this sentence is:

  • Subject (we/you/you/they/these/those) + are + other words + full stop (.)

We shall discuss the use of ‘are’ in the example sentences.

Examples To Describe the Profession

Let’s see how to use ‘are in sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. You are a doctor.
  2. We are professors.
  3. They are potters.
  4. My sisters are engineers.
  5. You are a cook.
  6. They are hawkers.
  7. Her sisters are designers.
  8. We are collectors.
  9. They are watchmen.
  10. You are an advocate.
  11. You are a manager.
  12. You are a reporter.
  13. They are blacksmiths.
  14. His two uncles are photographers.
  15. They are players.
  16. You are a motorman.
  17. We are clerks.
  18. They are poets.
  19. We are nurses.
  20. You are a driver.
  21. We are shopkeepers.
  22. You are a writer.
  23. We are architects.
  24. You are an officer.
  25. All my friends are pilots.
  26. They are ministers.
  27. We are MLAs.
  28. They are teachers.
  29. They are book publishers.
  30. We are booksellers.

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