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We can use ‘do’ to show the certainty of the description in a sentence.

Construction of a sentence

The structure of this sentence is as follows:

  • Subject (I/we/you/they/any other plural number) + do + base form of main verb + other words + full stop (.)
  • Do + base form of a verb + other words + full stop (.)

Examples with ‘do’ to show certainty:

Let’s see how to use ‘do’ in sentences to show certainty with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. We do admit that she is wrong.
  2. I do observe its growth daily.
  3. They do come on the occasion of a wedding anniversary.
  4. Do have a look.
  5. Do dance on the stage.
  6. Do stand still for ten minutes.
  7. Do join us for some time.
  8. Do stop irritating me.
  9. Do arrive early.
  10. Do use ‘do’ to emphasize the action in a sentence.
  11. Do replace the old machine with a new one.
  12. Do simplify what you have to say.
  13. They do play every Sunday.
  14. We do arrange the program for social service.
  15. I do speak with your dad.
  16. We do like your new jacket.
  17. Students do clean the playground of a school.
  18. Teachers do guide students to solve examples of mathematics.
  19. They do stay near the sea.
  20. We do play the piano.
  21. I do love potato chips.
  22. We do wash plates before use.
  23. They do design tattoos.
  24. I do switch off the light when not necessary.
  25. They do close windows at night.
  26. I do love my computer.
  27. We do know how to tackle this situation.
  28. Elephants do have long tails.
  29. Dogs do have smelling sense.
  30. Parents do take care of their kids.

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