32 Questions to Ask about Art in Conversation

Art is a form of human activity. It involves creative imagination or technical skill to express emotional power, beauty, or conceptual ideas. There are creative visual, auditory, or decorative artworks. The oldest documented forms of art are visual arts, which include images or objects in fields like printmaking, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, and other visual media. We ask questions about art.

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Here are some questions about art asked in a conversation.

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Questions to Ask about Art in Conversation
Questions to Ask about Art in Conversation
  1. Is he a good artist?
  2. Will she draw pictures well on the wall?
  3. Did you hear what film critics say?
  4. Do you try to become a good actress?
  5. Did you enjoy your dance class at school?
  6. Does he like modern art?
  7. Did he hang a painting on a wall?
  8. What is the most expensive work of art?
  9. How popular is the art piece?
  10. Why the art piece is so expensive?
  11. Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?
  12. Which colours are used mainly in the work of art?
  13. Is graffiti art?
  14. Will you like life without music?
  15. Can an artist survive with his art without doing any other job?
  16. Are there pieces of art by unknown artists?
  17. Which expensive art piece is stolen in the world?
  18. Who is the most famous female artist in the world?
  19. Why are the most famous artists male?
  20. Can anyone become an artist?
  21. Can art be a medium of survival for an artist?
  22. Do you like to visit art museums?
  23. How many times did you visit the art museum?
  24. What is the story being told in this painting?
  25. What is the story behind this painting?
  26. What elements irritated you in this artwork?
  27. What emotions did you notice in that picture in the museum?
  28. Do you know how to use proportion in the artwork?
  29. What is strange about this painting?
  30. What is missing in this artwork?
  31. What elements did you like in this artwork?
  32. What elements made you confused in this painting?

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