Use of Am: Sentence Formation with Examples

Use of am: Am is a form of ‘to be.’ We can use am with only I in simple sentences. 

Use of am to tell about-

  • the present state of being
  • profession
  • continuous action

Am: How to Use in Sentence

Let’s see how to use am. First, we shall see how to form the sentence

Formation of sentence

Subject (I) +  am + other words

We can use am with I

To tell about the present state of being

  1. I am a girl.
  2. I am a boy.
  3. I am happy.
  4. I am exhausted.
  5. I am bored.
  6. I am a peaceful person.
  7. I am present.
  8. I am delighted.
  9. I am extremely sorry.
  10. I am surprised.
  11. I am sad.
  12. I am thirsty.
  13. I am frightened.
  14. I am eighteen years old.
  15. I am seventeen.
  16. I am an old person.
  17. I am angry.
  18. I am cool.
  19. I am a tragic person.
  20. I am superstitious.

Here are some listening lessons where you can listen to the sentences and learn.

  1. Use of ‘am’: state of being
  2.  Use of are in negative sentences
  3.  Use of is to tell about the profession
  4.  Use of was: questions about the profession
  5. Use of do as the main verb
  6. Use of shall-be in the questions
  7. Use of have to explain the possession
  8. Use of has to in a sentence

To tell about the profession.

  1. I am a doctor.
  2. I am a professor.
  3. I am a potter.
  4. I am an engineer.
  5. I am a housewife.
  6. I am a hawker.
  7. I am a collector.
  8. I am the police.
  9. I am an advocate.
  10. I am a manager.
  11. I am a reporter.
  12. I am a photographer.
  13. I am a player.
  14. I am a clerk.
  15. I am a poet.
  16. I am a driver.
  17. I am a shopkeeper.
  18. I am a writer.
  19. I am an officer.
  20. I am a Minister.
  21. I am an MLA.

To tell about continuous action.

In this sentence, am is used with another verb.

In these sentences, we use ‘am’ as a helping verb with the main verb. We should use the present participle of the verb, that is, the -ing form of the verb. The sentence will be in the form-

I + am + ing form of main verb + other words.

Here are some examples.

Have a look-

  1. I am going. (main verb go+ ing)
  2. I am coming. (main verb come+ ing)
  3. I am studying. (main verb study+ ing)
  4. I am teaching. (main verb teach+ ing)
  5. I am eating fruit. (main verb eat+ ing)
  6. I am brushing my teeth. (main verb brush+ ing)
  7. I am laughing. (main verb laugh+ ing)
  8. I am crying. (main verb cry+ ing)
  9. I am frying. (main verb fry+ ing)
  10. I am saying. (main verb say+ ing)
  11. I am telling you. (main verb tell+ ing)
  12. I am watching a movie. (main verb watch + ing)
  13. I am writing a drama. (main verb write+ ing)
  14. I am feeling well. (main verb feel+ ing)
  15. I am reading a novel. (main verb read+ ing)
  16. I am closing the door. (main verb close+ ing)
  17. I am catching a ball. (main verb catch+ ing)
  18. I am playing cricket. (main verb play+ ing)
  19. I am glorifying it. (main verb glorify+ ing)
  20. I am drinking water. (main verb drink+ ing)
  21. I am cleaning the house. (main verb clean+ ing)
  22. I am pulling it. (main verb pull+ ing)
  23. I am pushing it. (main verb push+ ing)
  24. I am opening the window. (main verb open+ ing)
  25. I am booking a ticket. (main verb book+ ing)
  26. I am standing. (main verb stand+ ing)
  27. I am sitting. (main verb sit+ ing)
  28. I am enjoying it. (main verb enjoy+ ing)
  29. I am cooking. (main verb cook+ ing)
  30. I am roaming on the road. (main verb wander+ ing)

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