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Now, we shall learn how to use ‘shall be’ to ask about continuous action in the future.

In this sentence, ‘shall be’ is used with another verb.

In these sentences, we use ‘shall be’ as a helping verb with the main verb. We should use the present participle of a verb, which is the ‘-ing’ form of a verb.

Formation of a question using ‘shall be’

The formation of this sentence is as follows:

The sentence will be in the form:

  • Shall + Subject (I/we) + be + present participle (-ing form) of the main verb+ other words + question mark (?)

Examples of ‘shall be’ in a question

Let’s see how to use ‘shall be’ in the questions with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. Shall I be painting my house in blue colour? 
  2. Shall we be managing the wedding ceremony?
  3. Shall I be waiting for him?
  4. Shall I be wiping the floor?
  5. Shall we be performing Shakespeare’s drama on stage?
  6. Shall I be filling the bottles with water?
  7. Shall we be standing by you?
  8. Shall I be arranging my cupboard tomorrow?
  9. Shall I be serving water to all guests?
  10. Shall I be sailing a boat in the evening?
  11. Shall I be writing a documentary on paranormal activities?
  12. Shall we be fetching water from the well?
  13. Shall I be attending the society meeting?
  14. Shall I be searching for information on insects?
  15. Shall I be wearing a white dress on Independence Day?
  16. Shall I be closing this chapter?
  17. Shall I be discussing an event?
  18. Shall I be solving that issue thoroughly?
  19. Shall I be asking her for my help?
  20. Shall I be taking my son with me?
  21. Shall we be collecting garbage from the corners of the garden?
  22. Shall I be typing my article on Monday?
  23. Shall I be working on my new project?
  24. Shall I be covering all my torn books?
  25. Shall I be spending my holiday at my home?
  26. Shall I be returning his money tomorrow?
  27. Shall I be following your instructions?
  28. Shall we be receiving his mail about the meeting?
  29. Shall I be allowing students to play on the ground?
  30. Shall we be raising funds for orphans?

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