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We use does with pronouns he, she, it, and any third-person singular number in the present tense.

We can use does-

  1. as the main verb
  2. to form a negative sentence
  3. to ask a question
  4. to show the certainty of the description

Use of ‘Does’ as the Main Verb

We can use ‘does’ as the main verb in the present tense sentence. In this lesson, we shall discuss how to use ‘does’ as the main verb in a sentence.

Construction of a sentence using ‘does’

We use ‘does’ as the main verb after the subject in this sentence.

The structure of this sentence is as follows:

  • Subject (he/she/it/any third person, singular number) + does + other words + full stop (.)


Let’s see how to use ‘does’ in the sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. She does it very cheerfully.
  2. He does it with concentration.
  3. Saumya does it for you.
  4. A lion does it to feed its cubs.
  5. She does his favor.
  6. He does well in his exam.
  7. Kartik does anything for me.
  8. He does his homework in the evening.
  9. She does it according to her convenience.
  10. He does as she asks him to do.
  11. The cleaner does cleaning on Monday.
  12. He always does research on different sites.
  13. She does painting on Sunday.
  14. The washerman does our laundry on Saturday.
  15. Sameer does his architectural designs in his office.
  16. He does his computerized work in his room.
  17. An employee does his work well.
  18. He does office work within a given time.
  19. She does a job in the office of architecture.
  20. It does it repeatedly.
  21. He does anything he wishes.
  22. She does a discussion with her mother.
  23. Pritee does her work properly and on time.
  24. The performer does well on the stage.
  25. She does it on her own.
  26. He does as I do.
  27. She does her duty well.
  28. The worker does his best.
  29. She does her hair after a bath.
  30. The computer does anything at our command.

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