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We use ‘didn’t have to explain about non-possession of something in the past. We have seen how to use ‘Have’ to explain the non-possession of something in the present tense in the lesson- How to Use Have in a Negative Sentence.

In this lesson, we used I, we, you, and they as the subjects of sentences. And in the lesson, How to Use ‘Doesn’t Have’ in Negative Sentences, we used he, she, it, and any third-person singular noun as the subjects of sentences in the present.

But in the past tense, we use did with have for any subject of a sentence. In this sentence, we should use ‘did as an auxiliary verb with have in negative sentences.

Let’s see how to use ‘didn’t have’ in a negative sentence.

Use of ‘did have to explain non-possession

In this lesson, we will explain how to use ‘did have’ to describe the non-possession of something in the present.

Formation of a negative sentence using ‘have’

In these sentences, ‘have’ is used as the main verb.

We shall see how to form a negative sentence to explain the non-possession of something in the past.

In this lesson, we shall see how to form a sentence with ‘didn’t have’.

Formation of a sentence using ‘doesn’t have

We can form a sentence as follows:

  • Subject + didn’t + have + other words + full stop (.)

As these sentences are in the past tense, ‘have’ is used as the main verb, and ‘did as an auxiliary.


Let’s see how to use ‘have’ in the negative sentences to explain non-possession with some examples.

Here are some examples.

Let’s have a look:

  1. I didn’t have an elder brother. (relationship)
  2. Neela didn’t have two maternal aunts. (relationship)
  3. I didn’t have a coupon from Big Bazar. (physical feeling)
  4. We didn’t have a meeting at 2 p.m. yesterday.
  5. She didn’t have musical instruments last night.
  6. Those boys didn’t have drawing books to draw a design.
  7. She didn’t have golden bangles.
  8. He didn’t have a big assignment in interior design.
  9. Suvarna didn’t have two bags of red colour.
  10. He didn’t have a circular wall clock.
  11. Gaurav didn’t have so much office work yesterday.
  12. We didn’t have a new guitar that day.
  13. Nikita didn’t have a good time with him.
  14. A lion didn’t have a mane of golden hair.
  15. Doctors didn’t have a busy schedule in the medical camp.
  16. The birds didn’t have nests in the tree.
  17. Animals didn’t have enough water in the forest.
  18. A monkey didn’t have an infant under its arm.
  19. He didn’t have a violet shirt with yellow stripes.
  20. It didn’t have yellow eyes, which frightened me.
  21. You didn’t have a beautiful ceiling fan in your bedroom.
  22. We didn’t have that book in the college library.
  23. Parth didn’t have five friends during his college days.
  24. Teachers didn’t have a vacation in the month of April.
  25. Dolly didn’t have a green skirt with a red frill.
  26. It didn’t have too much pain in its ankle.
  27. I didn’t have a green blouse with a white bow.
  28. We didn’t have violet shirts as our uniform.
  29. That boy didn’t have a black T-scale.
  30. Sankita didn’t have eight subjects in her syllabus.

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