Questions with ‘whom’ in simple tense


The word ‘whom’ is used to ask about a person.

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Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. Whom do you call?                                                      
  2. Whom does she give the book?                                 
  3. Whom does he take with him?                                 
  4. Whom do they invite?                                                 
  5. Whom do I speak?                                                       


Sentences in Simple Past Tense

  1. Whom did you invite?                                                 
  2. Whom did she call?                                                       
  3. Whom did you give the book?                                   
  4. Whom did he take with him?                                     
  5. Whom did I speak?                                                       


Sentences in Simple Future Tense

  1. Whom will she invite?                                                 
  2. Whom shall I call?                                                         
  3. Whom will they speak?                                               
  4. Whom will he give a book?                                         
  5. Whom will she take with her?                                     


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