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We learned to use had in a sentence to ask questions about the past completed action in the previous lesson. We have seen that we can use had with any noun to show the completed action in the past tense.

In this lesson, we shall learn how to form affirmative answers about the completed action using ‘had’.

Construction of an affirmative answer using ‘had’

The structure of an affirmative answer is as follows:

Formation of short answers using ‘had’

When a question is asked, short answers are most commonly used.

We use the first verb in a question to form the short answer. It may be an auxiliary verb or a form of ‘be.

In this lesson, we are answering the questions starting with ‘had.

So, the formation of a short affirmative answer is as follows:

  • Yes, + subject (any singular or plural noun) + had.

Examples of ‘had’ in an affirmative answer

Let’s see how to use ‘had’ in the affirmative answers about the completed action with some examples.

In brief, we can say:

  • Yes, I had.
  • Yes, we had.
  • Yes, you had.
  • Yes, he had.
  • Yes, she had.
  • Yes, it had.
  • Yes, they had.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Let’s Have a look-

  1. Yes, I had arranged all the beads in a garland.
  2. Yes, he had stood in front of her in the meeting.
  3. Yes, the inhabitants had appeared to me.
  4. Yes, I had already told them about this issue.
  5. Yes, you had told me then that the theatre was packed.
  6. Yes, we had gone the wrong way.
  7. Yes, she had forgotten to bring her lunch.
  8. Yes, they had paid too much for a single room in that hotel.
  9. Yes, a clutter of cats had scared a snake on the ground.
  10. Yes, I had set some rules for the students while working as a school principal.
  11. Yes, we had visited our grandma’s town before vacation.
  12. Yes, they had rented a car to visit a castle on a mountain.
  13. Yes, a cat had caught four rats a day.
  14. Yes, you had bought dinner for us.
  15. Yes, all the teachers had watched our performance.
  16. Yes, he had flown to Britain.
  17. Yes, I had competed in the English words competition before.
  18. Yes, we had done laundry last night.
  19. Yes, my friends had waited for me to watch a movie.
  20. Yes, the maid had cleaned the courtyard in front of our house.
  21. Yes, his brother had taught him a lesson in English.
  22. Yes, he had got a raise every year.
  23. Yes, yesterday morning, he had jumped from a bar.
  24. Yes, my parents had lived in harmony all their lives.
  25. Yes, she had lost all her money to cure her husband’s illness.
  26. Yes, she had fed my kids.
  27. Yes, he had worked at an architectural firm for two years.
  28. Yes, you had sustained all the pain.
  29. Yes, she had kept me waiting for an hour.
  30. Yes, I had run the business from my home.

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