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This lesson will teach you how to use ‘is’ to describe the profession.

So now, we shall discuss the use of ‘is’ in such sentences.

But first, we shall see how to form these sentences.

Formation of a Sentence With Is

The formation of these sentences’ is similar to those discussed in the lesson ‘Use of is to tell about the present state’.

So the formation of this sentence is:

We shall discuss the use of ‘is’ in the example sentences.

Examples To Tell About the Profession

Let’s see how to use ‘is in sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. She is a doctor.
  2. My mother is a professor.
  3. He is a potter.
  4. My sister is an engineer.
  5. She is a cook.
  6. He is a hawker.
  7. Her sister is a designer.
  8. His father is a collector.
  9. Her brother is a watchman.
  10. She is an advocate.
  11. He is a manager.
  12. She is a reporter.
  13. He is a blacksmith.
  14. His uncle is a photographer.
  15. Sachin is a player.
  16. She is a motorwoman.
  17. Lara is a clerk.
  18. Tarak is a poet. 
  19. She is a nurse.
  20. Sahil is a driver.
  21. He is a shopkeeper.
  22. She is a writer.
  23. Sameer is an architect.
  24. He is an officer.
  25. My brother is a pilot.
  26. She is a minister.
  27. She is an MLA.
  28. Smita is a teacher.
  29. She is a book publisher. 
  30. He is a book seller.

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