Uses of Pronoun ‘It’


The pronoun ‘it’ is used

1) For a young child; as,

  •    That baby broke its toy.

2) For lifeless things; as,

  •   There is a stone; throw it away.

3) For animal; as,

  •    The cat is licking its paw.

4) For weather or time; as,

  •    It’s seven o’clock.
  •    It is summer.

5) For referring something which was explained before; as,

  •    To buy this product conditions are applicable; and he knows it.

6) For standing for no noun and can be supplied from the verb; as,

  •    It rains. (The rain rains.)

7) For temporary subject; as,

  •    It is difficult to solve that example. (To solve that example is difficult.)

8) For emphasizing the noun or pronoun; as,

  •    It was you who tore the register.



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