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Now, we shall learn how to use ‘will be’ to ask about continuous action in the future.

In this sentence, ‘will be’ is used with another verb.

In these sentences, we use ‘will be’ as a helping verb with the main verb. In addition, we should use the present participle of the verb, which is the -ing form of the verb.

Formation of a question using ‘will be’

The sentence will be in the form:

  • Will + Subject (he/she/it/they/any other singular or plural noun) + be + present participle (-ing form) of the main verb + other words + question mark (?)

Examples of ‘will be’ in a question

Let’s see how to use ‘will be’ in the questions with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. Will you be sleeping during the day?
  2. Will he be reading his favourite novel?
  3. Will she be teaching mathematics on Monday?
  4. Will it be eating nuts under a tree?
  5. Will they be working with dedication?
  6. Will Saurabh be serving the poor?
  7. Will Arya be singing a song for her classmates?
  8. Will she be waiting for you?
  9. Will they be watching a TV serial at that time?
  10. Will students be standing on the ground?
  11. Will teachers be meeting the parents next week?
  12. Will he be listening to music?
  13. Will you be washing your clothes?
  14. Will she be buying a new dress for her sister?
  15. Will workers be receiving remuneration for their work?
  16. Will he be going to school in the morning?
  17. Will they be enjoying a cricket match?
  18. Will your parents be expecting good marks from you?
  19. Will she be helping me in this situation?
  20. Will the teachers be taking their exams?
  21. Will children be making noise?
  22. Will she herself be preparing for the test?
  23. Will her mother be cooking some food for us?
  24. Will the kids be having meals?
  25. Will her friends be dancing on stage?
  26. Will she be writing a one-act play for the competition?
  27. Will he be using his own computer?
  28. Will you be planning your professional education?
  29. Will Sameer be playing football on the playground?
  30. Will she be working as a government hospital medical officer?

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