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We have seen the use of ‘were’ to tell about a past profession.

In this lesson, we shall learn the use of ‘were’ to ask a question about the profession in the past.

Formation of a question

The formation of this sentence is:

  • Were + subject (we, you, they, or any plural number) + other words + question mark (?)

Examples of questions about the past profession with were

Let us look at some examples of how to use ‘were’ in questions about your past profession.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. Were we hawkers?
  2. Were you MLAs?
  3. Were you a blacksmith?
  4. Were my two brothers pilots?
  5. Were they shopkeepers?
  6. Were her sisters designers?
  7. Were his parents collectors?
  8. Were her three neighbors watchmen?
  9. Were Sahil and his friend taxi drivers?
  10. Were they fiction writers?
  11. Were Sameer and his colleagues architects?
  12. Were they skilled potters?
  13. Were you a bank manager?
  14. Were you news reporters?
  15. Were Tarak and his uncle comic poets?
  16. Were Lara’s friends’ clerks at school?
  17. Were they foreign ministers?
  18. Were Sachin’s two brothers cricket players?
  19. Were we doctors at government hospitals?
  20. Were my husband and brother professors at Bhavans College?
  21. Were my sisters chemical engineers?
  22. Were they ticket checkers in the railway department?
  23. Were she and her son advocates at the Supreme Court?
  24. Were his two uncles professional photographers?
  25. Were they motormen on the Mumbai local train?
  26. Were both sisters nurses in medical college?
  27. Were you officers in the education department?
  28. Were Smita and her spouse teachers in Aurangabad?
  29. Were we academic book publishers?
  30. Were they booksellers in Pune?

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