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In this sentence, ‘were’ is used with another verb. We use ‘not’ for negation.

In these sentences, we use ‘were’ as a helping verb with the main verb. We should use the present participle of a verb, which is the -ing form of a verb.

Construction of a sentence using ‘were’

We can construct a sentence as follows:

  • We/you/they/plural subject+ were +not + present participle (-ing form) of the main verb + other words + full stop (.)

Examples of ‘were’ in a sentence about continuous action

Let’s see how to use ‘were’ in the sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The construction is as above.

Have a look-

  1. We were not moving forward with our parents.
    (main verb move+ ing)
  2. You were not talking about my success.
    (main verb talk+ ing)
  3. They were not running a Marathon.
    (main verb run+ ing)
  4. We were not playing table tennis there.
    (main verb play+ ing)
  5. They were not listening to music in a low voice.
     (main verb listen+ ing)
  6. We were not making dinner for them.
    (main verb make+ ing)
  7. My friends were not spending the afternoon in the garden.
    (main verb spend+ ing)
  8. Parents were not asking about their ward’s progress.
      (main verb ask+ ing)
  9. Monkeys were not snatching the biscuits.
    (main verb snatch+ ing)
  10. We were not spoiling water unnecessarily.
    (main verb spoil+ ing)
  11. My grandparents were not taking me with them.
    (main verb take+ ing)
  12. The dancers were not practising Bhangda.
    (main verb practise+ ing)
  13. You were not paying him extra money.
    (main verb pay+ ing)
  14. The singers were not singing a popular song.
    (main verb sing+ ing)
  15. They were not waiting for us.
    (main verb wait+ ing)
  16. We were not driving a car through the desert.
    (main verb drive + ing)
  17. You were not working for him.
    (main verb work+ ing)
  18. You were not visiting the flood-affected area.
    (main verb visit+ ing)
  19. Girls were not constantly dancing.
    (main verb dance+ ing)
  20. We were not planning my studies.
    (main verb plan+ ing)
  21. The dogs were not barking at them.
    (main verb bark+ ing)
  22. The students were not decorating their class.
    (main verb decorate+ ing)
  23. They were not walking in the street.
    (main verb walk+ ing)
  24. Crows were not flying in the sky.
    (main verb fly+ ing)
  25. Drivers were not driving the buses.
    (main verb drive+ ing)
  26. They were not informing us about the proper situation.
    (main verb inform+ ing)
  27. You were not showing me that picture.
    (main verb show+ ing)
  28. Snehal and her friend were not attending the marriage.
    (main verb attend+ ing)
  29. You were not shouting at him.
    (main verb shout+ ing)
  30. Snakes were not chasing their prey.
    (main verb chase+ ing)

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