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In this lesson, we shall learn how to use ‘were’ to ask questions about continuous action. We use ‘were’ with we, you, they, and any other plural subject in the past tense.

Construction of a question about continuous action using ‘were’

The formation of this question is as follows:

  • Were + subject (we/you/they/plural number) + present participle (-ing form) of the main verb + other words + question mark (?)

Examples of ‘were’ in a question

Let’s see how to use ‘were’ in the questions with some examples.

Here are some examples. The construction is as above.

Have a look-

  1. Were we moving forward with our parents?
  2. Were you talking about my success?
  3. Were they running a marathon?
  4. Were we playing table tennis there?
  5. Were they listening to music in a low voice? 
  6. Were we making dinner for them?
  7. Were my friends spending the afternoon in the garden?
  8. Were parents asking about their ward’s progress?
  9. Were monkeys snatching the biscuits?
  10. Were we spoiling water unnecessarily?
  11. Were my grandparents taking me with them?
  12. Were the dancers practising Bhangda?
  13. Were you paying him extra money?
  14. Were the singers singing a popular song?
  15. Were they waiting for us?
  16. Were we driving a car through the desert?
  17. Were you working for him?
  18. Were you visiting the flood-affected area?
  19. Were girls constantly dancing?
  20. Were we planning my studies?
  21. Were the dogs barking at them?
  22. Were the students decorating their class?
  23. Were they walking in the street?
  24. Were crows flying in the sky?
  25. Were drivers driving the buses?
  26. Were they informing us about the proper situation?
  27. Were you showing me that picture?
  28. Were Snehal and her friend attending the marriage?
  29. Were you shouting at him?
  30. Were snakes chasing their prey?

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