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This lesson is a revision lesson.

  1. I am a boy.
  2. I am clever.
  3. I am polite.
  4. He is a peaceful person.
  5. Sameer is present.
  6. She is so happy.
  7. They are students.
  8. His sisters are so sad.
  9. The boys are pleased.
  10. They are creative.
  11. I am a doctor.
  12. I am a professor.
  13. I am a potter.
  14. I am an engineer.
  15. Her sister is a designer.
  16. His father is a collector.
  17. Her brother is a watchman.
  18. She is an advocate.
  19. You are a manager.
  20. You are a reporter.
  21. They are blacksmiths.
  22. His two uncles are photographers.
  23. This is an expensive painting.
  24. This is a bright colour.
  25. This is mine. 
  26. This is yours. 
  27. That is a charitable trust.
  28. That glass is occupied by the air.
  29. That painting is hung on a wall.
  30. That is a precious stone.


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