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This lesson is a repetition of how you learned to form the questions. 

Let’s take a look-

  1. Am I a doctor?
  2. Am I a professor?
  3. Am I a potter?
  4. Am I a girl?
  5. Am I a boy?
  6. Am I clever?
  7. Am I polite?
  8. Is Sarika happy?
  9. Is he a peaceful person?
  10. Is Sameer present?
  11. Is her sister sad?
  12. Is he a hawker?
  13. Is she a reporter?
  14. Is he a blacksmith?
  15. Is Lara a clerk?
  16. Are we thirsty?
  17. Are students well dressed?
  18. Are we hungry?
  19. Are you ten years old?
  20. Are we architects?
  21. Are you an officer?
  22. Are my all friends pilots?
  23. Are they ministers?
  24. Is this an expensive painting? 
  25. Is this a precious stone?
  26. Is this a topic of science?
  27. Is that house very spacious?
  28. Is that mountain steep?
  29. Is that a brave boy?
  30. Is that a sudden reaction?

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