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You learned how to form a negative sentence.
This lesson is a revision lesson of negative sentences.
Let’s take a look-

  1. I am not a girl.
  2. I am not a boy.
  3. I am not clever.
  4. I am not polite.
  5. I am not a hawker.
  6. I am not a collector.
  7. I am not a watchman.
  8. I am not an advocate. 
  9. She is not eighteen years old.
  10. Nayana is not seventeen.
  11. He is not an older person.
  12. The teacher is not angry.
  13. He is not a potter.
  14. My sister is not an engineer.
  15. She is not a cook.
  16. He is not a hawker.
  17. They are not students.
  18. His sisters are not so sad.
  19. The boys are not pleased.
  20. They are not creative.
  21. We are not MLAs.
  22. They are not teachers.
  23. They are not book publishers.
  24. We are not booksellers.
  25. This is not a new chapter.
  26. This is not a very nice thing.
  27. This is not a blue carpet.
  28. That is not an expensive painting.
  29. That is not a charitable trust.
  30. That is not your pen.

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