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‘Does have to’ is used with the subjects of third-person and singular nouns. In this chapter, we shall learn the use of ‘does have to’ to ask a question.

We use ‘does’ with ‘have to’ to ask questions.

Formation of a question using ‘Does have to’

We use an auxiliary verb ‘does’ with the base form of the main verb in a question.

  • In the present tense, we use ‘does have to’ with the subjects- he, she, it, and any other singular noun.

When we ask a question, we should use ‘does’ at the start of a sentence.

We shall see how to form a question about the action.

So the formation of the question using ‘does have to’ is as follows:

  • Does + subject (he/she/it/any singular noun) + have to + base form of a verb + other words + question mark (?)

Examples of ‘does have to’ in a question

Let’s see how to use ‘does have to’ in the questions with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. Does she have to finish her homework?
  2. Does he have to cut his expenses?
  3. Does she have to provide further information to her boss?
  4. Does he have to write an essay about the rainy season?
  5. Does he have to buy a mobile phone for his brother?
  6. Does she have to submit the project documents today?
  7. Does he have to collect the debris from a courtyard?
  8. Does Sanika have to obey her mother at any cost?
  9. Does she have to perform a classical dance on stage?
  10. Does she have to paint her house pink?
  11. Does Saurabh have to clean my house today?
  12. Does she have to visit my workplace?
  13. Does it have to feed its two offspring?
  14. Does a waitress have to reach the hotel by 11 a.m.?
  15. Does she have to complete her work in the office?
  16. Does he have to discuss his work with his boss?
  17. Does she have to write a drama for the annual function of a college?
  18. Does a player have to play with dedication?
  19. Does he have to achieve his goal?
  20. Does she have to survive for her two kids?
  21. Does a bird have to search for its food?
  22. Does a worker have to work to earn money?
  23. Does an actor have to perform well in the film?
  24. Does a horse have to pull a cart?
  25. Does a mother have to take care of her child?
  26. Does a doctor have to treat the patients?
  27. Does she have to try her best to achieve her goal?
  28. Does Sonali herself have to drive her car?
  29. Does a bird have to build its nest?
  30. Does Sangeeta have to study well to score more?

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