Speaking at the buses stop


Two persons are speaking at the buses stop. No one knows each other then also there is a discussion between them.

Have a look-

Person 1: Excuse me, where can I get a bus for Warali? 

Person 2: From this stop itself.                 

Person 1: How is the bus frequency?          

Person 2: So less, there is a bus after every twenty minutes.      

Person 1:  Ok, means I should wait here for twenty minutes.   

Person 2:  There is no choice.             

Person 1:  Ok then I shall wait.                      

Person 2: Because of less frequency of buses there is too much rush in bus.

Person 1: It’s terrific! How the common man should travel? 

Person 2: It’s so pity! Traffic is also too much.

Person 1: We waste too much our time on road itself. 

Person 2: Yes, you are right but what can we do?  

Person 1:  Yes, we are helpless.      

Person 2: Number of buses is increased this year and passengers are also   increased.    

Person 1: Means the situation is same.                 

Person 2: Road accidents are also increased.         

Person 1: There is a bus.                                      

Person 2: No, it won’t go to Warali.                     

Person 1: There is another bus after it.              

Person 2: Yes, it is. Get in.                                  



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