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A girl preparing for competitive exam to acquire administrative job, she is in need of required books so she has come to the library. There is a discussion.

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Girl: Excuse me, I want some books.  

Assistant librarian: Are you member of this library?   

Girl: No, but I want to be a member.    

Assistant librarian: Go to the cabin. There is our librarian, meet him.

Girl: Ok, thanks (goes to librarian) May I come in sir?    

Librarian: Yes, come in.             

Girl: Sir, I am preparing for competitive exam of administrative post. I want required books from your library.     

Librarian: First you should be a member of this library, fill up the form and pay deposit amount.    

Girl: What is deposit, sir?    

Librarian: Two thousand rupees. You will get two books at home a week. Then you should give those books back and take another two.  

Girl: Ok sir, I fill up the form and pay deposit now. 

Librarian: This is your library card. Keep it safe. When you come to the library bring it with you.        

Girl: Yes of course sir. Can I get books now?   

Librarian: Yes, you can choose from the shelf, make entry of those books in the register with issuing date.   

Girl: Yes sir,  in which shelf are the books? 

Librarian: At the left corner, you can go and get the books you need. 

Girl: Thank you sir.  


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