Question tag


This is a common form used in conversation.

In this, statement is made and asked for confirmation.

Later part of the sentence is called ‘question tag’.

Pattern of this sentence is as follows-

1-If sentence is positive

     Auxiliary + n’t + subject

2 – If sentence is negative

  Auxiliary + subject

Here are some sentences.

Have a look-

  1. It is very cold, isn’t it?                                      
  2. You do it, don’t you?                                       
  3. You don't do it, do you?                                   
  4. I was going, wasn’t I?                                       
  5. I was not going, was I?                                     
  6. I worked seriously, didn’t I?                             
  7. I didn’t work seriously, did I?                           
  8. She called me, didn’t she?                                 
  9. She didn’t call me, did she?                               
  10. It is raining, isn’t it?                                             
  11. It is not raining, is it?                                         
  12. I shall go, shan’t I?                                               
  13. I shall not go, shall I?                                         
  14. She will read, won’t she?                                     
  15. She will not read, will she?                                 
  16. You are busy, aren’t you?                                   
  17. You are not busy, are you?                                 
  18. We can translate, can’t we?                                 
  19. We cannot translate, can we?                             



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