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We shall see how to form a question about the present profession.

Formation of a sentence

We should form a sentence as follows:

  • Am + subject (I) + other words + question mark?


Let’s see how to use am in sentences with some examples.

Here are the question forms of the sentences. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. Am I a doctor? 
  2. Am I a professor? 
  3. Am I a potter? 
  4. Am I an engineer? 
  5. Am I a cook? 
  6. Am I a hawker? 
  7. Am I a collector? 
  8. Am I a watchman? 
  9. Am I an advocate? 
  10. Am I a manager? 
  11. Am I a reporter? 
  12. Am I a photographer? 
  13. Am I a player? 
  14. Am I a clerk? 
  15. Am I a poet? 
  16. Am I a driver? 
  17. Am I a teacher
  18. Am I a shopkeeper? 
  19. Am I a writer? 
  20. Am I an officer? 
  21. Am I a minister? 
  22. Am I an M.L.A.? 
  23. Am I a Mason? 
  24. Am I a contractor? 
  25. Am I an actor? 
  26. Am I a salesman? 
  27. Am I an editor? 
  28. Am I an auditor? 
  29. Am I a bank manager? 
  30. Am I a film producer? 

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