What Is The Collective Noun For a Group of Sheep Called?

There are several collective nouns for a group of sheep. Sheep are friendly animals and like to live with others and move as a group. Sometimes you travel and suddenly see so many sheep moving together. You have a question: What is the collective noun for a group of sheep called? We can use some common as well as unique words for a group of sheep. We will discuss 12 collective nouns for a group of sheep in this topic. Let’s have a look-

12 Collective Nouns for a Group of Sheep

1. Flock of sheep

The most common collective noun for a group of sheep is called a flock. Farmers keep a small number of sheep on farms. Usually, a farmer’s flock can be of two sheep to 200 or more ewes with their lambs—Farmers tame sheep for milk and wool. We call a person shepherd who takes care of or leads a group of sheep. 


  • We saw a flock grazing in the grassland.
  • A flock is moving towards its shed.

There are less frequently used other collective nouns for a group of sheep. Now, we will discuss them one by one. 

2. Herd of sheep

Farmers keep sheep in fenced pastures. Sheep get their food inside the fence. And it doesn’t require a particular person to take them outside to feed them. These are in large numbers. 

Usually, we use the word herd to describe a group of grazing sheep. We can use the word ‘herd’ alone; still, it represents a group of sheep. We use a herd for a bigger group of sheep. 


  • A shepherd that resides near that tree has large sheep. In the morning, he gives food to the herd.
  • A herd of sheep seems so fluffy. 

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3. Band

The larger group of sheep is called a band. A band can be 900 to 1000 ewes. It becomes of around 2500 to 3000 with the births of lambs.


  • The farmer moved his band of 3000 sheep to his village; he transported it by truck.

4. Drove of sheep

Sometimes, a large number of sheep are in a group and that immense mass of sheep acts or moves as a body. We can name such a large mass of sheep as a drove. Drove refers to how sheep are taken care of.

So, drove is another collective noun for a group of sheep.


  • Before some time, the grassland was green. A drove came to the land, and it changed to white as snow.
  • A shepherd called a barber to shave his sheep, and drove is waiting for him. 
Collective noun for a group of sheep
Collective noun for a group of sheep

5. Fold

Another word for a group of sheep we can use is ‘fold. In English grammar, a collective noun is a word that refers to a group or collection. Most of the collective names are familiar. But some collective nouns are unique, and we use them for specific species. And, a word fold we can use for a group of sheep.


  • I saw a fold of white sheep sitting under a tree.
  • The fold of white sheep grew this year to a hundred.

6. Mob

Sometimes there are specific types of sheep of the same breed in a group. Those are grown up in the same climate condition. We can call that group of same-breed sheep a mob.


  • Sheep can swim. A mob of sheep was crossing the river by swimming without any hesitation.
  • A mob of sheep was standing in heavy rain, so a shepherd took them to a shed.

7. Fall

Another word we can use for a group of sheep is fall.


  • While traveling, I saw a fall of sheep walking by the road. It seemed so beautiful.
  • A fall of sheep was running through the field.

8. Drift

We can use the word drift for a group of sheep moving slowly and aimlessly. That is, a collective noun drift refers to the movement of the sheep.


  • She busted to laugh, seeing the drift of sheep. It was new to her.
  • Usually, we can see sheep’s drifts returning from pasture in the evening.

9. Trip

We use the word trip to refer to a group of sheep moving simultaneously and frequently. The collective noun ‘trip’ is rarely used.


  • I always see a trip of sheep walking around the field when I travel by this road.
  • We passed the hotel, and a trip of sheep came into view. We had to stop our car till it went down the road.

More names for a group of sheep are-

  1. Wing
  2. Down
  3. Hurtle


 12 collective nouns for a group of sheep we have discussed here that we can use. Have a look-

  1. flock 
  2. Herd
  3. Band
  4. drove 
  5. fold
  6. mob
  7. fall
  8. drift  
  9. trip
  10. wing
  11. down
  12. hurtle 

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