To purchase a present

Meena wants to purchase a mobile phone to present her cousin.

She goes to shop.

There is discussion between Meena and shopkeeper.

Have a look-

Shopkeeper: Yes, how can I help you Mam?  

Meena: I want a mobile phone.  

Shopkeeper: Touch screen or with only keypad?  

Meena: I want a touch screen, a latest model.  

Shopkeeper: We have a large variety. You can select from this showcase.  

Meena: Please show me this one, second in the third row. 

Shopkeeper: Yes of course. This is of Nokia, a very nice piece.  

Meena: What is the price?                 

Shopkeeper:  It costs twenty thousand rupees only.   

Meena:  Ok show me another of this range.  

Shopkeeper: Look at this, new brand.      

Meena:  No, I don’t want of new brand. Show me of reputed brand.   

Shopkeeper: Mam, this is very nice piece.      

Meena: No, I didn’t like its design. Show me another one.    

Shopkeeper: Ok, this one?         

Meena:  What brand is that?      

Shopkeeper: Samsung, having so many applications.  

Meena: Oh nice! I liked it. What is its price?  

Shopkeeper: Twenty thousand five hundred only.  

Meena: Is there any guarantee?  

Shopkeeper: Yes, two years.  

Meena:  Ok, please get it gift wrapped.   


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