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Sam has passed Tenth exam with good marks. He has to take admission for eleventh class. There is a discussion about his career between Sam and his mother.

Have a look-

Sam: Mom now I have scored good marks. In which college will you admit me?

Mother: Sam, you have scored more marks in science and mathematics. You can                  get admission in Science College.

Sam: What shall I do after it? 

Mother: You have interest in computer science, drawing pictures of buildings. What do you want to do in most?  

Sam: In buildings.  

Mother: Then you should go for an Architectural course. 

Sam: What should I do for it?

Mother: You should take Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as your group.

Sam: How many marks should I score in it? 

Mother: You should score good marks in Twelfth and crack entrance exam for Architectural course with at least One hundred and ten marks out of Two hundred.

Sam: Yes Mom, I searched on internet. The name of that exam is NATA.

Mother: Have you checked syllabus for it?

Sam: Yes, there is Visual, Architectural information and Drawing.

Mother: Then you should do practice of drawing also. 

Sam: Yes Mom, I have to join for drawing class. 

Mother: You should adjust your time for Twelfth study and drawing.

Sam: Yes Mom, I shall. 

Mother: Is it confirmed that you have to become an Architect?

Sam: Yes Mom, I shall try my level best for it. 

Mother: Ok then, it’s well and good. Now focus on your studies.

Sam: Of course.   


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