Kinds of Subordinate Clauses – Noun Clause


  • Kinds of Subordinate Clauses
    There  are three kinds of subordinate clauses

    1. Noun clause
    2. Adjective  clause
    3. Adverb clause
  • Noun clause

Noun clause is a group of words which contains subject and predicate and does the work of a noun.
Noun clause can be the subject or object of a verb.
a.  Which place Mohan showed, pleased everybody.
b.   Don’t tell her what we discussed there.
 In (a), ‘which place Mohan  showed’ is a clause
[Subject- Mohan, predicate- which place showed (verb- showed)] and is a subject of the verb ‘showed’ in the main clause.
If we ask question, what pleased everybody? We get answer, ‘which place Mohan showed’
In (b), ‘what we discussed there’ is a clause.
[Subject-what, predicate- we discussed there (verb- discussed). It is a direct object of the verb ‘tell’ in the main clause.

If we ask question, don’t tell her what? We get answer ‘what we discussed there’. So ‘what we discussed there’ is a Noun Clause.

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