Compound Sentence 


 In compound sentence, there are two or more complete sentences those make their own sense. Each part is a sentence which is a part of a large sentence. That is, each part is a clause as each clause makes its own complete sense. These are independent of the other and are called as Main Clause or Principal Clause. These all sentences are joined together by a conjunction to make one sentence.
 A compound sentence is made of two or more Principal Clauses. These sentences are of same rank.

 These sentences can be easily taken apart and written as two or more sentences. 

Sameer has two small notebooks and Sagar has one long notebook.
This sentence consists of two parts:
1. Sameer has two small notebooks.
2. Sagar has one long notebook.
These two sentences are of same rank and those are joined by the coordinate conjunction ‘and’. Each part contains subject and predicate with verb of its own. Both are Main Clauses.

  1. Dorathi brought vegetables and I brought eggs.
    3. It was raining and I had my umbrella.
    4. John participated in singing competition and his eyes were towards the audience.
    5. Sam likes apple juice and Reeta likes grape juice.
    6. Martin cut the cloth and Bob sewed it.
    7. God made the human and human made cities.


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