Use of Have to Ask Questions about Possession

We have already discussed the use of have in sentences to show the possession of something. We will discuss how to use have for asking a question about the possession of something.

    How to form a question with ‘Do … have’

    When we form a question to ask about the possession of something, we should use ‘do’ at the start of a sentence.

    In this question, we use ‘do as an auxiliary verb and ‘have as the main verb.

    So, the formation of this sentence is-

    • Do + subject + have + other words + question mark (?)

    Most important, we can use have with the first and second person, not the third person. Because when we use the third person in a sentence, ‘does’ is used with ‘have to ask the possession of something. It is described in the lesson ‘formation of a question with does… have’.

    Now go through the ‘use of do… have’ in forming a question using do… have in the following table.

    Listen to the audio of the use of have in questions.

    Formation of a question about possession using ‘do’ and ‘have’

    In the table below, you can see how to form a question with a first and second person. When we ask someone a question, we are expecting an answer. Sometimes, we get the answers in short. So, the short affirmative and negative answers are included in the table.

    Have a look- 

    Person QuestionShort affirmative answerShort negative answer
    IDo I have a football match next week?Yes, I do.No, I don’t.
    WeDo we have a football match next week?Yes, we do.No, we don’t.
    YouDo you have a football match next week?Yes, you do.No, you don’t.
    YouDo you have a football match next week?Yes, you do.No, you don’t.
    TheyDo they have a football match next week?Yes, they do.No, they don’t.
    Formation of a question using do and have

    Examples of questions with ‘Do … have’

    1. Do you have a green skirt with a yellow freel?
    2. Do they have long books with plastic covers?
    3. Do I have knee pain? (physical feeling)
    4. Do you have a stomach ache due to overeating?
    5. Do we have our own 3BHK flat?
    6. Do they have a fish tank in their house?
    7. Do I have a class in the morning?
    8. Do we have a yellow carpet?
    9. Do you have an ink pen to draw a picture?
    10. Do they have car parking in their building?
    11. Do students have white uniforms?

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