Teacher and students

Always there is a discussion between science teacher and students in class.

Have a look-

Teacher: Good morning students.

Student (all): Good morning madam.

   Teacher: Students, exams will be started soon.

Student: When can we get exam timetable?

Teacher: You will get it today. See notice board and write it down.

Student: Yes madam.

Teacher: There will be practical exams before theory. You should complete practical books with teacher’s sign.

Student: When should we submit those for signs?

Teacher: Within four days. Diagrams should be neat and clean.

Student: Should diagrams be labeled?

Teacher: Yes, obviously. You should be proper at observation tables, calculations.

Student:  Yes madam.

Teacher: Do you know distribution of marks between theory and practical?        

Student: Yes madam, 80 and 20.

Teacher: Yes right. In practical you can score out of marks.

Student: So nice.

Teacher: But it is up to you, depends on your performance. So be serious at your studies and don’t lose marks.

Student: Yes madam, we shall discuss with each other and do our best.

Teacher: Here you are! All the best.

Student: Thank you madam.


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