Knowing the way


When we go to unknown place we ask someone the way. 

Roshan has to go to Powai but he doesn’t know the way to Powai.

He is asking the way. 


Have a look-

Roshan: Excuse me, could you tell me the bus number to go to Powai? 

Man:  You should take 461 to reach Powai. 

Roshan: At what stop should I get down?  

Man: At Rambaugh and take taxi.   

Roshan: Ok thank you.           

Man: There is bus. Take it.    

Roshan: (to the conductor) Would you please tell me to get down at Rambaugh?

Conductor: Yes I will, but stand up at Tata steel. Rambaugh is the next stop to Tata steel.     

Roshan: Ok, how much time will it take?   

Conductor: Nearly one hour.         

     Roshan gets down and tries to take taxi.   

Roshan: (to taxi driver)  Will you come to Raheja vihar? Where is it?      

Taxi driver: I don’t know. You should tell me the way.   

Roshan: Ok, we shall ask someone.    

Roshan: (to hawker) Excuse me, how to reach Raheja vihar? 

Hawker:  Go straight. After sometime you will see two ways, go to the left and after turn to right, you will reach Raheja vihar.       

Roshan: Ok, thank you for your help.       

Roshan : (to the taxi driver) Stop, we reached at our destination.   

Taxi driver: Ok     


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