Discussion between mother and son

Everyday there is discussion between mother and son

Have a look-

Mom:  Get up Sam, it’s too late.  

Sam:  What is time, Mom?    

Mom: It’s 6 o’clock.    

Sam: Wake me up after ten minutes. 

Mom: No, no, get up. This is exam period. You have to prepare well for exam.

Sam: Ok Mom. I will get up in five minutes, please. 

Mom: No I won’t let you sleep anymore.  

Sam: Ok, I got up. 

Mom: Hurry up, wash your face and get breakfast.  

Sam: Mom I am ready, Have my breakfast, please.  

Mom: Yes, here is your breakfast. 

Sam: I want omelet.  

Mom: Omelet is also ready. Finish it first.  

Sam: Ok Mom, thank you.      

Mom: Have you got your exam timetable?    

Sam: No, we will get it after two days.    

Mom: And what is about your practical?     

Sam: Practical exam will be started from tomorrow.   

Mom: Then prepare for practical first.  

Sam: I am doing the same Mom.  

Mom: Very good, my smart son!  

Sam:  Ha ha ha.  


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