Complaining about mobile

We purchase some gadget and very soon it doesn’t work properly.

Sameer purchased a mobile and after few days it stopped working.

He went to customer care unit to complain about it.

Have a look-

Salesman: Good morning sir. How can I help you?  

Sameer: I have a complaint.    

Salesman: Yes please.     

Sameer: Last week I bought this mobile from your shop. It doesn’t work properly.   

Salesman:  Let me see. What is the problem, sir?   

Sameer:  First thing, its screen doesn’t work, its on-off button as well as speaker also doesn’t work.    

Salesman: Does it have a guarantee?    

Sameer: Yes, two years.   

Salesman: Do you have the receipt, please?   

Sameer: Yes, see this.  

Salesman: Alright sir. Leave the mobile with us. I shall send it to the company’s workshop. 

Sameer: I am very disappointed. Can’t you refund the money?   

Salesman: No we can’t refund the money. We can change the piece.  

Sameer: When should I come back?  

Salesman: Next week, on Saturday.  

Sameer: Will it take a week or more?  

Salesman: You will get a new piece within a week.  

Sameer: Ok, Thank you.   


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