At the railway station

Nowadays so many people travel by railway.

Railway is a lifeline of Mumbai.

There is a discussion between two persons.

Have a look-

Person 1: Excuse me, at what platform I can take fast train?

Person 2: At platform number 5.

Person 1: Does it vault at Dadar?

Person 2: Yes, all trains vault at Dadar.

Person 1: Will I get rush?

Person 2: No, you won’t get rush at this time.

Person 1: How to reach at platform 5?

Person 2: Go by this bridge and step down at left.

Person 1: Thank you.

                (Person goes to platform 5 and asks another person) What is the time of  Dadar train?

Person 3: It passed just.

Person 1: I missed it. When is another?

Person 3: Trains for Dadar are after every three minutes.

Person 1: Ok. I should wait for only two minutes.

Person 3: Yes.

Person 1: Train service is much disciplined.

Person 3: Yes, trains are at proper time.

Person 1: Oh, I am very happy for this.

Person 3: Train is passing. Get inside.

Person 1: I had a great time with you. Enjoyed.  Bye.

Person 3: Me too. Bye.



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