Degrees of comparison


We know, Adjectives are the words which give more information about noun.     

  Adjectives are used to show the quality.

To show comparison, they change in three forms, are called the degrees of comparison.

 1) Positive Degree.

2) Comparative Degree.

3) Superlative Degree.


1. When an adjective is used in simple form is called Positive Degree and used to show only an existence of quality of a thing or person without comparing with anything or anybody.


  1.        Your handwriting is good.

  2.         Nalini is beautiful.

  3.         Abraham is clever.


2. When an Adjective is used to show the comparison between two things or persons with higher degree of quality is called Comparative Degree.


  1. Your handwriting is better than Shashank.

  2.   Nalini is more beautiful than her sister.

  3.    Abraham is cleverer than you.

3. When an Adjective is used to show the comparison among more than two persons or things with highest degree of the quality is called Superlative Degree.


  1. Your handwriting is the best of all students.

  2.  Nalini is most beautiful of all girls.

  3.  Abraham is the cleverest of all students.

    More examples with transformation is given in the course- Unlimited.






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