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‘Shall not’ is used with only ‘I’ and ‘we’  to express something not to be done in the future.

Formation of a negative sentence using ‘shall

The formation of this sentence is as follows:

  • Subject (I/we) + shall not + base form of a verb + other words + full stop (.)

Examples of ‘shall in a negative sentence

Let’s see how to use ‘shall in the sentences with some examples.

Here are some examples. The formation is as above.

Have a look-

  1. I shall not go to the market.
  2. We shall not cook sweets for us.
  3. We shall not come on Monday.
  4. I shall not eat an apple.
  5. We shall not solve English Grammar exercises.
  6. I shall not play on the ground.
  7. We shall not go for a walk in the evening.
  8. We shall not study in the college library.
  9. I shall not work hard to achieve my goal.
  10. We shall not watch an airstrike documentary.
  11. I shall not buy a book for you.
  12. We shall not collect stamps.
  13. I shall not write a story about a genius country boy.
  14. We shall not clean our house tomorrow.
  15. I shall not inquire about the bus.
  16. We shall not purchase some vegetables.
  17. I shall not go by bus to my home town.
  18. We shall not read this magazine.
  19. I shall not have fun on a trip.
  20. We shall not have our own house.
  21. I shall not send you a message.
  22. We shall not receive him at the airport.
  23.  I shall not reach there by 10 o’clock.
  24. We shall not solve that issue early.
  25. I shall not watch a cartoon movie.
  26. We shall not plan to go out next week.
  27. I shall not observe the lane.
  28. We shall not communicate with each other.
  29. I shall not drink hot water in the morning.
  30. We shall not save some money for the tour.

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